400+ online games for 3 to 9 year olds!

Children and parents can have hours of fun playing games that promise to educate and entertain.

busythings.co.uk includes 160+ games, 130+ topic-based projects, 40+ quickfire mini-games and 70+ printable activity worksheets. Create music and art, play phonics games, learn letters and their sounds, draw letter shapes and create labels and captions, and watch and listen to traditional tales. Older children can practice reading and spelling in the more advanced literacy games.

If it's maths games you're after the children can play calculating games, number games, shape games and maze games and puzzles.

busythings.co.uk also has a selection of games to help young minds explore and question the world around them. Investigate similarities and differences, cause and effect, care for ‘living’ things, and above all learn through having fun!

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Make surprising artwork in a flash and discover the basic principles of music through explorative play. Art can be saved and shown off to the world in our gallery.

Exploring the world

Investigate similarities and differences, cause and effect, care for ‘living’ things, and above all learn through having fun!

Numbers and Shapes

Humorous characters help practise counting and calculating and developing awareness of shape and orientation.

Stories and letters

Develop children’s pre-reading/writing skills, give support to a systematic teacher-led phonics programme, and provide practice in following a story.

Matching sounds

Click on the hat with the matching sound.

Curtain call

Listen to then read high-frequency and tricky words.

Roberta Robot

Click on the object with the same initial sound.

Busy blocks

Drop blocks, build towers and then explode them!

Words and wigs

Read then listen to high-frequency and tricky words.

Crazy cogs

Click to place a Noisy Thing. Click again to change colour. Hear the results!

The Three Little Pigs

Watch Dog and Cat perform The Three Little Pigs.

Growing garden

Hold the mouse down to make the shapes grow.

Squeaky clean

Can you copy the mark that Dog makes?

Lively lines

Create lines and shapes that animate.

Sound snacks

Click on the object with the same initial sound.

Spin and shake

Hold down the mouse and create swirly patterns!

Slime time

Look carefully to find the hidden shapes!


Keep count of the number of pink men in the treehouses.

Magic sounds

Click on the object that contains the sound.


How many different ways can you group the pink men?

Feed the monster

Practise oral blending. Click on the thing the monster asks for.

Mudball shoot out

Fire mud balls at the pink men!

Noisy Dog

Click on Dog to see and hear his actions. Can you copy them?

Rollercoaster - Ordering

Click on the numbers in numerical order.

Behind the curtain

Listen to the sound. Which object did Dog use?

Chop and change

Chop and change a picture to make a new one.

Musical garden

Click around the garden and build up different layers of sounds.

Make a caption

Make a caption to match the picture.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Watch Dog and Cat perform Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Monster grid

Place monsters into the grid to create a tune.

Path peril

Program a path for the chicken to follow!

Worm world

Feed, entertain and clean up after the worms!


Click the screen or press the space bar when you see a match!

Sound crates

Listen carefully and find the matching sound!

Road blocks

Fill the hole to help the chicken!

Write now!

Listen to the letter sound and see if you can write it.

Messy letters

Help Cat copy the letter that Dog draws.

Colour the picture

Colour and print pictures from traditional tales.

Tunnel trouble

Make a tunnel to help the chicken!

Read and feed

Read the word and click the object the monster is asking for.


Pop the matching shapes, colours and faces!

Colouring book

Click to colour the different pictures.

Which one is different?

Find the odd one out!

One dog band

Click on Dog's instruments to make him play.

Feed the monkey

Can you give Monkey the number of treats he is asking for?

Alphabet song

A song to help learn letters names!

Fill in the gaps

Spell the words by dragging the correct letter into place.

Falling wall

Position the pink men to stop them getting squashed!

Build the word

Listen to the word. Find the beginning, middle and end sounds.

Mirror magic

Complete the mirror image!

High and low

Drag the Noisy Things up and down to change their pitch.

Street scene

Create a scene and make it animate!

Word robot

Drag the words into the grid and listen to the results!

Feed the monster

Practise oral blending. Click on the thing the monster asks for.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Watch Dog and Cat perform The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Monster scale

Record a tune and play it back!

Build the word

Listen to the word.Find the beginning, middle and end sounds.

Digging for Cat

Listen to the sound change as you get nearer to finding Cat.

Shape up

Trace the shapes!

Balloon tree

What number is on the monkey's board? Pop the matching balloon.

Singing squares

Click to create pairs. Listen to the results!

Lost letters

Find the missing letter to spell the word.

Searching for sounds

Explore, listen to and recall the different sounds.


Dress the baby!

Follow the cloud

Click the monster underneath the cloud to play a tune.

Animal muddle

Make a creature and see what it sounds like!

Sound bites

Match the blended sounds to the word.

Bobble beat

Click to create pairs and generate rhythms.


Build creatures out of shapes!

Hen hunt

Find the chicken hiding in the maze!

Colliding cogs

Click the cannon to fire a cog. Listen to the results!

Action time

Watch carefully and count the actions.

Quiet or loud?

Which is louder/quieter, faster/slower, higher/lower, longer/shorter?

Music mixer

Drag the monsters up and down to change their volume.

Make a picture

Create scenes from five traditional tales, add text and print your work.

What's in the box?

Listen to the sound and find the matching instrument.

Colour choir

Colour them in to make them sing!

Sit down

How many seats do the pink men need?

Talent show

Create your own musical performance!

Which animal?

Listen to the sound and find the matching animal.

Pretty patterns

Create instant colourful patterns!


Pour sand onto trees and ramps. Watch it fall!

The Gingerbread Man

Watch Dog and Cat perform The Gingerbread Man.

Sound seek

Match the phoneme to the grapheme on the monster's board.

Jigsaw puzzle

Complete jigsaws of scenes from five traditional tales.

Islands - Total numbers

Put a number of pink men on the green or yellow island.

Monster match

Copy the sequence of sounds.

Number jump

Add and subtract to get the right total.

Wake Dog

See which instruments wake Dog up and which send him to sleep.


Watch the letters being drawn and see if you can copy them.

Odd one out

Find the odd one out with characters from five traditional tales.

Dressing-up box

Dress up Dog and Cat, add text labels and speech bubbles.

Copy Cat

Help Dog copy the sequence of actions and sounds.

Robert Robot

Click on the object that rhymes.

Helicopter rescue

Fly the helicopter to rescue the cows!

Tidy up!

Help Dog and Cat sort the objects into the boxes.

Letter line up

Practise letter names and alphabetical order.

Hungry chicks

Help the chicken feed the chicks!

Bouncing beat

Drop the Noisy Things from different heights to create a bouncing beat.

Word chains

Change a letter to make a new word.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Watch the clip and click on what happens next.

The Three Little Pigs

Sequence pictures from the story.


Move the animals around the maze!

The gardener

Water the flowers to make them grow!

Buried treasure

Read the word. Is it real or nonsense?

Line up

Complete the sequence!

Paint party

Amazing paint effects at the click of a mouse!

Topple the tower

Copy the rhythm to topple the tower!

Read the caption

Read the caption and make a picture to match it.

Scribble and spell

Arrange the letters to spell the word.

Which picture?

Click on the picture that matches the sound.

Wonder wheel

Click and hold down the mouse on the spinning canvas!